A revolution for nonprofit data.

HighTide is a fully-custom nonprofit CRM, created to track everything you want, exactly the way you want, and put it all to good use.

Nonprofit organizations have unique needs that require powerful tools. Use a software custom-built around your existing data, that can track and report effortlessly, with a system that can scale to any size organization.


Every feature in HighTide has been created to enable you to work with your data, in real time, however you want. Import, customize, connect, and report on your nonprofit’s data like you’ve never been able to before.

Custom Data

It’s your data.
Use it how you want.

A fully-custom nonprofit CRM starts with customizing your data. Traditional CRMs are built with a fixed structure, which means migration takes months or years of work and compromises, forcing your data to fit whatever they want, or risk leaving it behind.

HighTide is created for your data, so you can migrate your data and implement in days, not months or years. What do you always wish you could track? Now you can.


Report on anything.
Easier than ever before.

Using outdated systems that make it difficult to access and visualize data is frustrating. Experience what others already know: technology has advanced and reporting has changed.

Build the reports your organization needs most during implementation. As new ideas and reporting needs arise, create custom reports anytime, connect any data in your system, and visualize it however you like.

AI Importing

Save hours.
Clean data as you import.

Bring in data anytime, batch enter records, add lists, and clean your data while you import it, not before. While importing, HighTide validates the data and allows you to make changes on the fly.

AI can easily help you make big or small changes to your data, saving your teams hours of data cleanup time.


Records where you want.
Connect them all together.

Connect any data in your system and create fields unique to that connection. Now you have a far clearer picture of what’s happening, not only with your donors and gifts, but anything happening within your organization as well.

Sharing data among any record type has never been easier—from donors, to members, volunteers, merchandise, attendance, and those you serve.

Modern Migration

Because HighTide is created differently, migrating your data is also different. Clean your data without consideration of how it will need to change for your new system and HighTide will accept it. You decide the structure for your custom nonprofit CRM and eliminate the traditional migration bloat. Yes, for real.


It’s fully custom.
And you can have it.

Our pricing is built to scale based on your organization’s marketable contacts and usage of the system. We want every organization to be able to use HighTide, so we have pricing tiers for small organizations through enterprise.

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We have big plans for you.

HighTide is the only fully customizable nonprofit CRM and will transform the way your team works.
But that’s only the beginning.

We’re on track to roll out an insane number of features over the coming months to ensure that HighTide is the most powerful all-in-one nonprofit fundraising, marketing, and operations software the world has ever seen.

Are you ready to see what a custom CRM means for your organization?